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Goldenbrook Farm - Purebred Registered Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goats
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Goldenbrook Farm: Kids Page


It was my idea to add this page. I thought it would be fun to have a page where I could share what I do on the farm, you could meet my goats, and learn about goats-kid style!


I do a lot of chores. We all have to pitch in. In the morning I have to bring my pony, Moonie, oack to the paddock. I also take care of my rabbits, run the babies, give the barn cats the strip cup milk, and bring the milk inside to filter.In the afternoon, I set-up grain for the horses and the goats. I sometimes have to clean my pony's stall, which I don't like. I help my Mom feed alot and take my pony into her stall.


I love showing my goats. Here I am with Strawberry. She was my first little baby. I begged my Mom to keep her. She was going to sell her! I was right too. She won Reserve Grand Chamion Junior Doe! Showing is fun because you get to show off your goat and feel very proud when you win. I like seeing everyone else's goats at the shows and playing with the other kids. I also like helping other people at shows when they need a hand. It's important to wash your hands before and after touching someone else's goats.


This is Pistachio at Barnstable County Fair. She's my Mom's goat but I always tell her she's mine. Pistachio loves to scream about silly things like getting clipped or bathed. (She's a drama queen like me) I love this show. There are rides and cotton candy!


Here we are helping Honey B deliver her quads.It's kind of gross what comes out of the goat but it's fun drying off the babies and naming them.


This is me and my pony, Moonie, with my mom and her horse, Party. Moonie is a white, well almost, Shetland pony. Most of the time she is dirty! Party is an ex-racing Standardbred. He is big!!! 17 hands! He ran over me once so we don't get along very well. It was my brother's fault for scaring him...brothers... We go trail riding together.



This is my goat Sweet S'prise. She was a real pain until she had her first kids. Now she's a good goat and Mom likes milking her. She was my first goat. Sweet has blue eyes, just like me! Below, we are competing in fitting & showmanship class. In this class you are judged on your ability to show your goat properly, the cleanliness of your goat and your appearance. You have to dress in "dairy" whites. I think your appearance shouldn't count since it's easy to get dirty in white! My goat got first place in the Senior Dry class at the Five Acre Farm goat show last summer.


Below is Oreo (show name: Oliver Twist). He's mine. I wanted a buck out of Fairlea farm to show and play with. I am in the pen with Oreo at Barnstable Fair. It was the first show he was at. At Barnstable, there is a large show tent and all of the pens are already set-up for you which is nice. He got a Grand Champion ribbion this summer at the Five Acre Farm goat show.


This  is Buttercup, but I call her Sweetheart. I calll her Sweetheart because her mother's name is Sweet S'prise. She is fun to play with, but sometimes causes trouble. I was very proud when she won first place in her class when she was three months old. i remember that day at Barnstable after we showed  her i let her sleep on my lap.


This is Phoenix as a kid and her mom Sweet S'prise (my first, and favorite goat). Phoenix is a blonde-gray and black buckskin with the prettiest blue eyes. She is so cute as a baby. She is now a senior doe with a beautiful udder.


I have show Kiki too even though she is my Mom's goat. She listens very well in the show ring.


I like going to goat shows and seeing the other kids. I bring my DS and play it when I can. Sometimes we play tag and football at shows too. I like Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh! cards.


This is my puppy, Gabby. She is a Rat Terrier. I got her on January 2nd from a rescue. I have wanted my own puppy for awhile and finally my Mom let me get one. She is great fun and I take care of her. I have to get up early in the morning so I can bring her out and feed her before school. I also have to bring our donkey, Jack, out to the paddock in the morning. In the afternoon, I set-up hay and take care of my puppy, then I bring Jack in.

Hey, you probably think living on a farm is pretty fun. Well, you're correct, but you do have to do chores still. Everyone helps take care of the animals. Three, or four days of the week I do hay for the goats. Also I fill the stock tanks up every once, and a while. So you can see that living on a farm isn't as easy as everyone thinks.

   I am very excited because next year ladybell, and lilac will be senior does. lilac is going through a weird growth spurt, and will be out of that phase. ladybell this year got reserve grand champian (Junior Doe). I can't wait to she her with an utter. her mom is a very good milker. I am very excited to see my goat phoenix next. this year she had a beautiful udder this year. Unfortunetly she had a single kid that nursed off one teat.


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