Goldenbrook Farm - Purebred Registered Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goats
Goldenbrook Farm Minnie Blue 2005

Purebred Registered
Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goats
Bred for Dairy • Temperament • Quality

Goldenbrook Farm - Purebred Registered Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goats
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Goldenbrook Farm - Purebred Registered Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goats



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battle for goat mountain

The Battle for "Goat Mountain"

Bit of Heaven defends the higest rock against Honey B, our herd queen, while Bit of Heaven's daughter, LadyBell is distracted by the camera!

Welcome to Golden Brook FarmWe began our breeding herd of Nigerian Dwarf goats in 2002 because we were looking for a dairy animal we could keep on our small farm that would be productive, gentle, easy to work with and handle for both us and our children. I had been in love with goats and their rich personalities since I was young and knew more goats were in my family's future.

After visiting our first Nigerian Dwarf goat farm we were immediately in love! The practical size, sweet and outgoing personalities and beautiful array of colors made them irresistible. Our foundation sires and dams carry the strong, productive dairy bloodlines of the Rosasharn herd, most notably, ARMCH Goodwood Tom Thumb+ *S. They also boast lineage to OTR Magic's M Hercules, and other bloodlines such as Twin Creeks, Stonewall's, Ponder's End, Prairie Wood, and now Caesar's Villa, Piddlin Acres and other quality lines to continuously improve on our does.

We have from the beginning had a "closed" herd, meaning all does, except for our two foundation does from 2002 have been born on our farm and we have brought no other does into our herd from other farms. We choose the best bucks to improve our herd and our bucks live separately, never with our does. All our breeding takes place outside our pens so we control the contact between our bucks and does. This keeps our herd healthy. We are CAE, Johnes & Scrapie free. We give all our goats their annual CD/T vaccinations and do regular fecals to determine if a dewormer is needed. We believe in preventative care is the best way to keep all animals healthy.


Rosasharn's Little Honey B (Rosasharn's Tom Thumb X Rosasharn's Buckwheat Honey). All I can say is thank you Anne for wonderful foundation stock.


GOLDENBROOK FARM MR Periwinkle (Honey B's daughter) -Grand Chamion Junior does 2 times! Reserve Champion Senior Doe, placings always in the top 4 in her age class!

GOLDENBROOK FARM DAISY B BLUE (D.O.B. 2005) (Honeysuckle Ridge DK Blue X Rosasharn's Little Honey B) -Grand Champion Senior Doe on her very 1st Freshening, always in the ribbons! Huge MILK SUPPLY!!!

GOLDENBROOK FARM MR Pistachio (Merlin's daughter) Reserve Grand Champion Junior doe at only 3 months old. Reserve Champion Senior Doe. Highest, Tightest udder I've seen on a doe, really nicely put together daughter.

GOLDENBROOK FARM BIT OF HEAVEN (D.O.B. 2007) (Merlin's daughter) Best Doe in show, Rserve Grand Champion, always in the ribbons!

GOLDENBROOK FARM DAFFODIL (D.O.B. 2007) Merlin's daughter (below)


GBF KIDS TF Phoenix (Tom F'u'ery's daughter)

GOLDENBROOK FARM M ShastaDaisy (D.O.B. 2008) (Merlin's daughter)

GBF KIDS MRL LadyBell  (Bit of Heaven's daughter)

GBF KIDS Hyacinth (Periwinkle's daughter)Since beginning, we have strived to consistently improve our herd. We do this by selecting bucks carefully to strengthen and compliment our own does. We do have to sell them to new herds after just a few years to add new genetics.

Our Newest Herdsire! Lil Carolina Kids Jazz Tunes

D.O.B. 01-12-11 (TRIPLETS)




jz jr

Jazz is a wonderful addition to our farm. He reminds me of my buck "Blue". He has wonderfully straight front & rear straight legs, is smoothly blended, has great depth and width, tight shoulders, very upstanding and masculine. Thank you Susan!

We milk all of our freshened does and are always looking to improve their “dairy ness”. We drink our goat's milk fresh and especially enjoy our own homemade cheese. We also raise our own farm-fresh eggs, pork and lamb.

We have been very pleased with the progression of our herd and will continue to breed selectively for improvements. We have had the honor of seeing many of our own Goldenbrook goats achieve many Grand Championships in the show ring and are excited as each show season approaches.

I am a 4-H Leader for Rockingham County and am happy to help any 4-H er get started. You will see us at shows, especially 4-H ones in NH every year as well as our favorite in Barnstable MA. It's nice to catch up with other breeders and chat about current topics but our true passion is spending time with our goats!

Each year, we have a wonderful crop of kids available as well as some yearlings and milkers. Maintaining our small size means that we must part with many high-quality goats each year. We wish we could keep them all! We are always willing to answer questions after the sale and help you out with learning new skills you will need such as helping does get ready to kid,, raising healthy kids, what medications goats need, and much more. We feel this extra support sets us apart from many farms - we do it because we love talking to other goat lovers!

If you are thinking of starting out with these wonderful dwarf goats, or are looking to add some new genetics to your herd, consider a Goldenbrook goat!

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